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Awakened Mind Training
Awaken & evolve your mind, creativity, insight & healing,
navigating brainwaves of your consciousness with a Mind Mirror!

What Is The Awakened Mind?
The Awakened Mind is the brainwave pattern of the world's top performers and producers. It is most often seen in advanced meditators, artists, CEOs, researchers, hands-on-healers, intuitives, and other self-actualized people with a high degree of creativity, self-awareness and personal mastery. These calm, inwardly focused people tap their subconscious intelligence for solutions to challenges, to stimulate flow, and to self-evolve.

Awakened Mind is a way to Mastery: being able to enter at will at the state of consciousness that is most beneficial and desirable for any given circumstances. With practice—and a Mind Mirror®—any normal person can develop this ideal state of consciousness.

* Your mind is clearer, sharper, quicker and more flexible

* Your emotions are more available, understandable, and easier to transform

* Information flows easily between your conscious, subconscious and unconscious, increasing intuition, insight, and self-healing abilities...
What Are Awakened Mind Training Benefits?
Anyone interested in improving health, self-awareness, intuition and creativity will benefit! This training is popular among high-performers, spiritual seekers, traditional and alternative health specialists (psychotherapists, psyche readers, healers, yoga teachers, nurses, etc.), people of creative professions (artists, musicians, etc.)
* Stress management
* Creativity
* High Performance Mind for Business
* Personal Healing
* Intuition & Psychic Skills Development
* Spiritual Awakening

What Is The Mind Mirror?
Today, the Mind Mirror is the world-wide choice of professional awakened mind trainers, self-trainers, neuro-feedback therapists, psychologists, consciousness explorers, and university-based researchers.
Max Cade, biophysicist, and Zen meditator, came up with an idea to investigate the states of consciousness of zen masters and find a way how replicate and develop this awakening within himself and others.

In 1974 together with an electronics engineer Geoffrey Blundell, he invented an EEG, he called the Mind Mirror, that could measure the brainwaves of the higher states of consciousness able to read different patterns of consciousness in a real time, as opposed to medical EEG's, designed to provide complex clinical reports aiming to find pathology.

PHOTO: Students during an exercise in one of Max's classes in the 1970s, hooked up to the Mind Mirror during meditation.
VIDEO: Anna Wise's lecture at the Neurotechnology Forum, held in Seattle, 1992.
Cade's student, Anna Wise, who was a Humanistic psychologist, expanded the research beyond spirituality and healing, measuring the brainwaves of artists, composers, dancers, inventors, mathematicians, and scientists, as well as CEO's and president of corporations.

As a result, she found that these talented and successful people revealed the same high performance brain wave pattern of creativity and peak performance as yogi's and swami's lived in. Later, her research allowed her to develop a map of consciousness and EEG-monitored Meditation Training to teach people how to navigate this consciousness map in order to access their optimal brainwaves patterns of awakened or high–performance mind.

The Mind Mirror is a scientific fast-track to meditation, personal mastery, and spiritual growth: "a new gateway to an ancient path" (of meditation) as Anna Wise described it in the 1980s.
The evolutionary Cade-Wise research and healing work continues today through the Institute for the Awakened Mind (IAM). IAM is an international consortium of Awakened Mind® trainers using the Mind Mirror® to expand human consciousness as the means to personal and planetary transformation.

Judith Pennington, successor to mind research pioneers Max Cade and Anna Wise, founded the Awakened Mind Institute (IAM) in Pennsylvania, USA and co-designed a new, state-of-the-art model of Vilistus Mind Mirror®.

VIDEO: What people say about Mind Mirror and Awakened Mind Training during online webinars, held by the Institute for the Awakened Mind (IAM)

PHOTO: Vilistus Mind Mirror, unique biofeedback device
The versatility of the Vilistus Mind Mirror® makes it the perfect tool for Awakened Mind® consciousness trainers, biofeedback/neurofeedback therapists, psychologists, and professional researchers.

The integrated Mind Mirror®, Galvanic Skin Response, Blood Volume Pulse, and Temperature sensors teach clients to relax, regulate their physiology, and attain deep meditation to resolve issues, unblock creativity, and harmonize the body, mind and spirit.

The Clinical Q (mini-QEEG), a wide array of protocols, and audio-visual feedback in the Vilistus Pro software make it easy for neurofeedback therapists to assess and address neurological issues.

Professional researchers in hospitals and universities rely on Vilistus for their studies on mind-body interactions and the effects of stress.

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Awakened Mind Australia presents original Institute for the Awakened Mind (IAM) Programs, based on original training protocols by Anna Wise. Specialty programs incorporate the knowledge and experience of Bioifeeback and Awakened Mind Trainning, adding to it techniques from various fields, including Traditional and Transpersonal Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Kinesiology.
original private/group training
4.5-Day Practitioner/Self-Trainer Seminars
Seminars 1-4 are for people who would like to buy the Mind Mirror Vilistus equipment for a professional career of training others (Practitioner) or training oneself (Self-Trainer).

Seminars 1-2 are also open for everyone who owns the Mind Mirror and wants hands-on equipment and personalized meditation training for more rapid attainment of the meditation, awakened mind, and evolved mind brainwave patterns. Seminars 3-4 are for those who plan to pursue a career of Certified Awakened Mind Practitioner.

It is an individual or a small group training program.
original private/group training
Weekend Brainwave Trainings
Weekend brainwave training is a mini-intensive of inner exploration and awakening. It is especially effective when done in a group of a like-minded people. This is the quickest and most affordable way for new and seasoned meditators to learn the art and science of meditation, deepen into profound states, awaken untapped potential, and expand into new ways of being in the world.

It is an individual or a small group training program.
Individual Awakened Mind
Max Cade and his successor, humanistic psychologist Anna Wise, taught more than 10,000 people to attain this high-performance pattern. Let's build these numbers and:
- Deepen into a profound meditation state
- Sharpen your thinking
- Increase feelings of inner peace, unity and well-being
- Retrieve insights into personal or work challenges
- Unblock and clear repressed issues to release suppressed creativity
- Awaken and expand your consciousness
- Self-actualize in life work that meets your needs and goals
- Connect with your spirit for universal peace and guidance

How long it takes to awaken depends on where you are to begin with and your commitment to meditation and the path of self-mastery and conscious evolution.
This program incorporates various techniques to help you handle anxiety and stress. We start with identifying the major stressors in your life and continue with working on them on the body, mind and spiritual levels. We will identify your resonance frequency breathing to optimize your nervous system activity. We will learn to deeply relax your body and mind, connect with the higher powers, as well as "anchor" new healing and resourceful states, so that you can always find your way back.

This program implies 5 hook-up sessions work.
High Performance Mind
This program is great for students and managers, any kind of achievers, who need to be able to quickly bring their "brain in order" to pass an exam, participate in a contest, deliver a presentation or quickly make the right decision.

You will learn and try simple but effective techniques to "warm up" your brain, so that you can do it on your own when necessary. We will also sort out the exercises and keys that work best for you.

This can be limited to one introductory session but for better and lasting results as well as to track your progress, we recommend 2-3 hook-up sessions.
SPECIALTY private training
NeuroDynamic Feedback (coming soon)
NeuroDynamic Feedback provides an automated neurofeedback session that is designed to reduce a clients "stress response", balance out slow and fast brain activity, train people to maintain a healthy balance across all relevant brain frequencies and, most importantly, keep the bridge between the
conscious and unconscious mind as open as possible.

The NeuroDynamic Feedback session is in three parts: a pre-session assessment – or baseline; the neurofeedback session itself and a post-session assessment.

The NeuroDynamic Feedback product contains six programs that are designed to work together to produce a relaxed, calm and focused attitude.

Total cost: $375 (@5 sessions), $650 (@10 sessions)
Beginners Meditator's Package
What is meditation about? Where to start meditation practice? Keys to successful meditation practice. If you hear about it but never really known where to start or you started but not sure that you are doing it right, you are welcome to this beginner's program. You will learn about what is going on with your mind, how to improve your meditation practice, step-by-step we will take you deeper in your meditative experience. You will also learn about how to interpret and deal with the subconscious material that may come up during your meditation.

This program implies 5 hook-up sessions work.

Advanced Meditator's Package
How deep is your meditation? How can you optimize your meditation practice? If you are not new to meditation, you might still be wondering if you are doing it right? If you are getting deeper? Or just wondering to learn more about how meditation relates to your brainwaves? Or how far your brainwave pattern is from that of Zen monks?

This program implies 2-3 hook-up sessions work.

Hemispheric Balancing
This program will work best for those who have problems with either concentration, reading, writing or have problems with their creative emotional side. If you experience any kind of disbalance in your body, it is very likely you have "skewed" brain to either side. Balanced mind is a key to its optimal functioning, to awakening and higher states. This is great for both children and/or adults since it has proven to help concentration, studying as well as performing any type of creative activity.

This can be limited to one introductory session but for better and lasting results, we recommend 2-3 hook-up sessions.
Opening Creative Flow
Do you feel stuck, but you desperately need the solution? The phrase "Be creative right now!" sounds impossible to you? You will learn about the nature and pre-requisites of creativity. We will scan your brain and identify the blocks for your creativity, learning and testing the techniques that will help it blossom. By the end of the program you will "anchor" creative states and take away the tools to access them.

This can be limited to 3 sessions but for better and lasting results as well as to track your progress, we recommend 5 sessions.
Removing the Blocks
This program is good if you have a single or a few issues that you need to deal with. We will identify the nature and gravity of your blocks and work together on your overcoming them. This program may help you deal with negative past experiences as well as help you to foresee your bigger and better self.

This can be limited to one introductory session but for better and lasting results as well as to track your progress, we recommend 2-3 sessions. Knowing the basics of Antistress and Meditation (with us or on your own) as a pre-requisite is highly desirable.
Awaken Your Intuition
This program is developed for those who would like to get more in touch with their inner wisdom and develop psychic abilities. Yes, there is a science behind ESP and you will learn it as well as test yourself the techniques to remove the blocks and hear your intuition.

This program implies 5 sessions work, though can be limited to 2-3 sessions for advanced meditators.

The Keys to Self-Healing
During this program we learn about the basics of self-healing. You are guided to rediscover and apply your own healing abilities to access bigger, better, healthier you. We may also cover the energy building for healing others.

This program implies 5 sessions work, though can be limited to 2-3 sessions for advanced meditators.

Preparation for Pregnancy, Childbirth and Maternity
In this program, I invite you to a sacred journey of clearing your past, connect with your unborn child before birth and create the future that you want. We will work on your awareness, energy, attention, anchor the mind states that will help you to deeply connect and truly Be with and for the coming soul. Since this is an endless topic and practice that may take the whole lifetime, we will cover some of the very vital aspects.

This program duration is 7 sessions. The numbers of sessions can be adapted to individual needs. Previous meditation or energy work experience is an advantage.

specialty group TRAINING
Peak Performance
Corporate BrainwaveTraining
In business world peak performance training is the acknowledged fast-track to higher productivity and lower costs. Employees who are relaxed, focused and creative do the best work, enjoy their jobs more, and maintain good health.

Use the latest neuro- and biotechnology and science advancements to increase the brain power of your personnel. This is a one-off program, lasting 2-days.

Program can be adapted to your individual company needs.
Research & Experiment
With the latest technologies of EEG – the unique device allowing to track and measure the states of consciousness called Mind Mirror Vilistus 6 – we will explore how our brain works and what happens to our energy fields when we meditate, envision, heal, create.
'Blitz' Brain Diagnostics
How efficient is your brain? Is your brain balanced? How can you optimize your brain capacity? How can you better manage your mind states? What are your individual keys (landmarks) to high performance states?

During this program your brain is scanned to diagnose the current state provide recommendations on how to optimize your brain functioning. You will also learn the basics of the brainwave theory and how to understand the Mind Mirror readings. The "highlight" of this program, you will get individually-tailored "quick-access-keys" (landmarks) to your optimal state.

Please schedule for 2 hook-up sessions or 1 sesson + report.
SPECIALTY private research
Research for Healers/Psychic Readers/ Mediums/Energy Workers
This program is aimed to help healers, energy workers, all kind of alternative practitioners to better understand their work. Since brainwaves reflect the energy of the whole field, they are great to observe what is going on with your energy field when you meditate, what happens to the healer and healee or during energy work. It is also great to observe collective consciousness interaction. I am offering research program for those who would like to know how their brain operates or reacts to various stimuli.

This program can be a 'blitz' one hook-up session but for a better and more representative results we recommend more (3-5 or the more the better) hook-up sessions. The session is followed by an email report, so that you can revise your learnings and findings.
specialty group research & EXPERIMENT
Weekly Consiousness-Explorers-Group
WANTED! Healers, psychic readers, yoga Nidra practitioners, meditators, hypnotherapists, energy workers - everyone who is interested in the nature and development of ESP (extrasensory perception) and transformation of consciousness to our weekly Consiousness-Explorers-Group!

In a company of other devoted consciousness explorers, we will meditate, experiment, research and try to reinforce each others knowledge and skills as well as create a path for others to follow. Bring your favourite meditations to test! Test your psychic abilities! See how your healing modality affects the healer and healee! Come up with your own consciousness experiments!

Weekly group will be running by 5-sessions-modules devoted to a particular subject - Awakened Mind Training, Meditation, Healing, Energy Reading, etc..

Choose your topic and book your VIP seat now!
What People Say
"As an electronics engineer and MBA, I felt that I could use technology to understand what was going on in-side me and in others. The results of the Mind Mirror® EEG were quite remarkable as they indicated the brain states accurately and dynamically. Now I use the Mind Mirror® to bring about profound transformation in my coaching clients and students."

Amit Kohli, Executive Coach
New Delhi, INDIA
"Since beginning self-training with the Mind Mirror®, I have noticed many spontaneous recurrences of the Awakened Mind entering into my client sessions. Deepening into meditative and hypnotic states has never been so easy! This was an awesome investment!"
David Fairweather, PhD, Clinical Hypnotist and Certified Psychotherapist,
Toronto, CANADA
"The Mind Mirror® opened some 'doors of perception' for me that I am going to further pursue. Thank you for introducing my son and me to this new language, this new way of perceiving."
Warren Anderson, Environmental Attorney
"Wonderful stuff! You folks have succeeded in generating a package which is a real gift to the field. Thanks. I feel fortunate to have such a useful tool in my hands!"
Nick Goloff, Retired Engineer, Business Owner and Self-Trainer
I really like the way that I feel and function when I use my Vilistus Mind Mirror® daily.
I not only feel more peaceful and more positive, my memory and cognitive functions are better."
Alston J. Balkcom, Insurance Broker
"The fruits of steady practice manifest in clearer focused thinking, more 'aha' moments, and more grounded calmness! Thank you!"
Marv Jolly, Jazz Musician and Composer
Want to Buy The Equipment?
The Mind Mirror Kits and Accessories
Featuring a comprehensive, at-home self-training program the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 is a highly affordable state-of-the-art neurofeedback/biofeedback instrument designed for meditation and consciousness development. It is the only electroencephalograph that shows both sides of the brain and the interrelationships of 0.5 to 100-hertz frequencies in a pattern that anyone can read and understand.

Professionals and self-trainers use the visual language of the Mind Mirror to orchestrate the four ideal patterns of consciousness: silent Meditation, the active Awakened Mind of peak performance (shown below), the Evolved Mind of unity consciousness, and the Superconscious Gamma Synchrony pattern of self-realization and psi awareness.

Unlike any other program, the Mind Mirror 6 allows meditators to self-train brainwave patterns of their own design, track coherence, voice-record into the session, and match EEG patterns with physiology readings for streamlined self-mastery. And that's only the beginning.
About The Trainer

Oxana Bondarchuk
Byron Hinterland, NSW, AUSTRALIA / Moscow, RUSSIA

* Certified Awakened Mind Practitioner and Trainer
* Institute for the Awakened Mind Online Events Moderator
* Gr. Diploma in Psychology, Teacher of Psychology
* Dipl. in Transpersonal Psychology
* BA in Finance and International Marketing
* Ex Corporate Marketing Executive and Business Trainer

Since being a little girl, I liked to observe this world and learn how things work. I found Human psyche the most fascinating thing of all, as all that we think, feel, do, and are aware of, is possible due to something, we call mind. All our life experiences, happening from the first site - externally, eventually reside and are registered in our mind… This greater soul machine, the operator of our consciousness…

I came to the conclusion, that whatever occupation or activity you choose, whatever you decide to get involved in, the success of how well you do, will always depend on how well you are able to manage your psyche…

As it will be in charge of how motivated and inspired you are…
As it will affect all your communications and relationships…
As it will also affect your choices and decision-making...
As it will be the one delivering life-significant messages from your soul…
As it will define your behaviour in general…

That's when I realised that mastering your psyche must be the central, the key to everything… At that time, I wished I had magic powers to know exactly what I need to know and how to act best and what decisions to make in every particular life situation. And finally, I got there, got the access to these magic powers, when I come across awakened mind work!

In 2003, being a student of Psychology and actively exploring every direction the Psychology has to offer, amongst regular classes on Psychoanalysis, the courses on NLP and Hypnosis, I attended one of the many Transpersonal Psychology workshops in Moscow. This is where I first learned about the pioneering work of another Humanistic Psychologist and Researcher, Anna Wise, that used modern technologies of EEG to measure different state of consciousness and with the help of biofeedback meditation master our minds. This work became the subject of my final thesis, called 'Consciousness Transformation', the topic which became epical to my life. It was appealing to what I consider to be the main source of individual growth, the purpose for one's soul evolution. Whatever you'd like to change in your physical world will never happen without deep inner work, without shift in your consciousness.

So, here I am now. Holding degree in Psychology/Teacher of Psychology and Diploma in Transpersonal psychology, which takes you beyond materialistic paradigm to the very depth of subconsciousness, to the very heights of your spirituality. Possessing the latest modification of the Mind Mirror… Connected to todays Awakened Mind Practitioners network… Practicing and teaching how to master and shift one's consciousness.

To learn more:
*Watch webinars with Oxana (below)
*Read the interview conducted by the IAM Founder, Judith Pennington in IAM Eureka Times Newsletter.
During this working group, we explore the teachings of Max Cade and Anna Wise on meditation and then share our experiences and understanding of what meditation means to each of us. Enjoy this open, free-flowing discussion and the deep insights offered by like-minded people. As one of the participants said, "Each of the speakers gave him a handle" on meditation.
In this webinar, we share our stories, and learn about spiritual awakening from the viewpoint of brainwave theory and Awakened Mind practice. Consciousness transformation can be registered and is reflected in the change of your electrical brain activity. Decades of research of awakened people, yogi's, healers, etc., show what it looks like. Tune in – and lift up!
This is a 30-min summary of the webinar, a logical continuation of our conversation on stress and meditation. We discussed the Practice of Silence as taught by The System of Health Management, developed by the Russian scientist and doctor, Dmitry Shamenkov. This is one of the key practices within this scientifically based system, teaching about the basic principles of life (laws of nature or God's laws) derived from physiology of living systems and complemented with modern studies of neuro-, bio- and socio- sciences as well as physics and information technologies. Knowing these principles will provide you with a set of keys not only for a successful meditative practice of silence but also to a healthy, productive and self-actualizing life for yourself, your close ones and your clients.
This is an interview about "Meditation, Spirituality and Tools for Human Evolution" with transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy teacher, trainer, author, publisher and film maker, scientist, Vladimir Maykov Ph.D., conducted in April 2020. In this interview we are looking for the answers to the central questions of all spiritual seekers: spirituality, meditation, trauma, healing, transpersonal psychology, human evolution. We are exploring these questions with Vladimir and with the quite famous characters of his documentary "The Dance of Infinity", the fragments of which you will find incorporated in this video. Please activate English subtitles to better understand the main speaker.
IMAGES CREDIT: Pixabay.com
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