Peak Performance
Corporate Brainwave Training
with Oxana Bondarchuk
We all know how to operate all kinds of modern technologies but not all of us know how to manage and master our own mind…

In the business world, peak performance training is the acknowledged fast-track to higher productivity and lower costs. Employees who are relaxed, focused, creative and self-aware do the best work, enjoy their jobs more, maintain good health and tend to reveal leadership skills as well as set the general WELLBEING atmosphere for the company.

Use the latest neuro- and biotechnology and science advancements to increase the brain power of your personnel.

Scientific studies show that meditation's focused awareness, sustained attention, inner visioning, and mental fluency awaken the mind, body and spirit to their greatest powers and potential—the definition of peak performance.

The awakened mind of creative flow—calm, contemplative, and steady under stress and pressure—is evident in all top performers. Awakened Mind® training with the Mind Mirror® can help any-one find the peak performance zone and stay in it.
Who is this training for?
It will be interesting to everyone, who's everyday life involves communication, stress, people management, decision-making, creativity and is highly recommended to marketing /advertising people, HR/team leaders, entrepreneur's/decision-makers, teachers/therapists/psychologist's, artists/musicians/etc…

The training is not only educational and informative, it's fun and takes you on an exciting inner explorative journey! It's a great investment in your personal and professional growth!

What are the goals of Corporate Training?
We offer 2-day
personal development trainings aimed to:
Increase stress resilience
practicing deep relaxation techniques
Optimize decision-making
by introducing instant keys to high performance mind and sharpening your intuition
Awaken creativity
by learning how to access to your hidden inner resources and remove the blocks
Excel communication skills
by learning how to 'tune' and better interact with other people as well as better know and manage yourself
Become more influential and efficient
by increasing your presence and brain power

How does it work?
The training presents modern research data of optimal brain functioning , gives map of different mind states/consciousness and keys to how navigate them. Mind Mirror, adapted EEG neuro-feedback machine, specifically developed for reading and training minds, will be used to demonstrate how it works.

The information and exercises done during the training will allow each participant to deeply personally experience different mind states as well as find his/her own access keys to these states, so that they can be easily achieved at will without any devices at any time later.

This originally-designed training can be adapted to your company individual needs!

Alternative Corporate Brainwave Train-The-Trainer Program is addressed to Corporate Training and Development Personnel. We supply the Mind Mirror and perform outbound or onsite trainings to your Training and Development Personnel, so that they can run brain optimization trainings for your employees on a permanent basis.
What People Say
"As an electronics engineer and MBA, I felt that I could use technology to understand what was going on inside me and in others. The results of the Mind Mirror® EEG were quite remarkable as they indicated the brain states accurately and dynamically. Now I use the Mind Mirror® to bring about profound transformation in my coaching clients and students."

Amit Kohli, Executive Coach
New Delhi, INDIA
"Since beginning self-training with the Mind Mirror®, I have noticed many spontaneous recurrences of the Awakened Mind entering into my client sessions. Deepening into meditative and hypnotic states has never been so easy! This was an awesome investment!"
David Fairweather, PhD, Clinical Hypnotist and Certified Psychotherapist,
Toronto, CANADA
"The Mind Mirror® opened some 'doors of perception' for me that I am going to further pursue. Thank you for introducing my son and me to this new language, this new way of perceiving."
Warren Anderson, Environmental Attorney
"Wonderful stuff! You folks have succeeded in generating a package which is a real gift to the field. Thanks. I feel fortunate to have such a useful tool in my hands!"
Nick Goloff, Retired Engineer, Business Owner and Self-Trainer
I really like the way that I feel and function when I use my Vilistus Mind Mirror® daily.
I not only feel more peaceful and more positive, my memory and cognitive functions are better."
Alston J. Balkcom, Insurance Broker
"The fruits of steady practice manifest in clearer focused thinking, more 'aha' moments, and more grounded calmness! Thank you!"
Marv Jolly, Jazz Musician and Composer

About The Trainer

Oxana Bondarchuk
Byron Hinterland, NSW, AUSTRALIA / Moscow, RUSSIA

* Certified Awakened Mind Practitioner and Trainer
* IAM Online Events Moderator
* BA in Finance and International Marketing
* Gr. Diploma in Psychology, Teacher of Psychology
* Dipl. in Transpersonal Psychology
* Ex Corporate Marketing Executive and Business Trainer

You cannot imagine a better trainer to deliver this course. Oxana Bondarchuk has a Degree in Economics and Psychology, incl. Transpersonal Psychology. She has worked for large international corporations for over 15 years in various positions in Research, Marketing, PR, and Business Training. Since 2015 she has been moderating the online webinars of the Institute for the Awakened Mind and in 2017 she became a Certified Awakened Mind Trainer. This is a unique program which incorporates the knowledge and experience of Bioifeeback and Awakened Mind Trainning combined with techniques from various fields, including Traditional and Transpersonal Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Kinesiology.

"I very well understand the corporate working environment and how stressful and challenging it can be. I wish I knew more when I just started working and I remember myself how well all these techniques worked for me after I was lucky to learn them. Whatever you are doing, be it analysing large masses of data for finance or research, planning the marketing strategy, doing instant translations, running client negotiations, working on creative ad project, delivering a public presentation, organizing exhibitions and big company events, - I have done it all – you need to stay calm, but sharp and focused, well aware of your inner state, knowing how you can fix it if needed as well as how you can influence others by controlling your own state.
When I was little, I was dreaming how great it would be to find the answers to all your questions when you need them. At one of the transpersonal workshops our teacher said that we have all the answers within, it is just a matter of accessing that knowledge. On that same workshop, I came across the work of Anna Wise and her research with the Mind Mirror. When I chose the topic for my final thesis –'Transformation of Consciousness' – this work laid the foundation for the practical part of my final thesis in Psychology, since Mind Mirror research was the only research I knew and could find at that time on how you can actually measure consciousness and at will tune in to different states of mind, including keys to your inner wisdom. Transformation of consciousness became not only the topic of my final thesis in Psychology but the central topic of my life."

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