with Oxana Bondarchuk
WANTED! Healers, psychic readers, yoga Nidra practitioners, meditators, hypnotherapists, energy workers - everyone who is interested in the nature and development of ESP (extrasensory perception) and transformation of consciousness to our local weekly Consiousness-Explorers-Group
Facilitate humanity through making a next step in consciousness evolution -
unfolding and realization of ultimate human capabilities: psychic, healing, creative, empathic.

Who is this group for?
Are you healer? Are you psychic? Are you energy worker? Are you spiritual seeker?
Are you interested in exploring the edges of the human mind? Are you simply a highly sensitive person?

If you realize that there is more to this physical world...
If you know there are other worlds and dimensions to be explored...
If you want to raise your own vibration and hold it for others...
If like me, you feel the deep need to learn and explore more and
share your experiences in a friendly and safe environment of like-minded people...

I would like to hear from you...

I do not have a rigid plan. You sign up and let me know of your interests and preferences and we go from there. Let's shape it up together! Play, experiment and enjoy each others company while learning!
What we will do
With the latest technologies of EEG – the unique device allowing to track and measure the states of consciousness called The Mind Mirror Vilistus 6 click to learn more – we will explore how our brain works and what happens to our energy fields when we meditate, envision, heal, create.

The work will be based on original Institute for the Awakened Mind research and training with a goal to better understand the mechanics of "magic", train the brain and facilitate the development of ESP and transformation of consciousness!

In a company of other devoted consciousness explorers, we will meditate, experiment, research and try to reinforce each others knowledge and skills as well as create a path for others to follow.

* Bring your favourite meditations to test.
* Test your psychic abilities.
* See how your healing modality affects the healer and healee.
* Come up with your consciousness experiments.
Oxana Bondarchuk
Byron Hinterland, NSW, AUSTRALIA
* Certified Awakened Mind Practitioner
* Institute for the Awakened Mind Online Events Moderator
* Gr. Diploma in Psychology, Teacher of Psychology
* Dipl. in Transpersonal Psychology
* BA in Finance and International Marketing
* Ex Corporate Marketing Executive and Business Trainer
When? What? How much?
Once a week
Day and time TBD based on the feedback from those who signed up/expressed their interest (with priority given to those who sign up for memberships). Just sign up (no need to pay or commit at this stage) and let me know what you want and when you are available and I will come back to you when we have a smll group ready to go!
Meditation or Experiment
Each time we will do something different. The meditation or experimental practice will be preceeded by a short intro of some tips and tricks from the Awakened Mind training on improving your meditation practice as well as what to expect from the meditation or experiment of the day. After the practice you will be emailed any helpful related materials/links/tracks, so that you could make most of it by continuing practice and studying at home.
Depending on your budget and interests we offer options to save your money and serve your needs.

VIP Seat
$75 (x1 session drop in), $250 (x5 sessions membership)

Each time you are hooked up to the Mind Mirror and your brainwaves are recorded and analysed. VIP Membership entitles you to 30% discount for an Individual Mind Mirror Session with a Certified Mind Mirror Practitioner to learn more about your brainwaves baseline and/or progress.
NOTE: Bookings essential, number of VIP seats is limited!

Learner's Seat
$35 (x1 session drop in), $125 (x5 sessions membership)

You do all the same: the same exercises, meditations, enjoy subjective experiences and sharing without hook-up and learn about brainwaves from VIP members experiences. Learners Membership entitles to 30% discount for an Individual Mind Mirror Session with a Certified Mind Mirror Practitioner to learn more about your brainwaves baseline and/or progress.
Group Pricing
These are the prices for a group session.
For an individual session, go to Homepage
$75 (x1) drop-in
$50 (x5 sessions) membership
$35(x1) drop-in
$25 (x5 sessions) membership
Notifications Form
Please sign-up to express interest and receive notifications about upcoming events
What program(s) are you interested in?
What day is best for you?
What time works best for you?
What are the best locations for you?
Thank you! We will contact you when we have news for you!
Video Blog
Watch these videos to learn more about The Mind Mirror work.
For more videos go to:
Institute for the Awakened Mind Video Gallery
webinars fragments
We are delighted with our webinars! Beginning in 2016, we have hosted a superb series of programs on The Mind Mirror, gamma brainwaves, Max Cade and Anna Wise, meditation, healing, music, creativity, neurofeedback, spirituality, and much more. Whether you have joined us online or not, we invite you to watch our best moments cuts from 2016 and 2019!
webinar fragment
This are fragments compilation from the working group, where we explored the teachings of Max Cade and Anna Wise on meditation and shared our experiences and understanding of what meditation means to each of us. Enjoy this open, free-flowing discussion and the deep insights offered by like-minded people. As one of the participants said, "Each of the speakers gave him a handle" on meditation.
Mind Mirror studies have shown since Max Cade's time that healing occurs within our well-known Awakened Mind and Evolved Mind brainwave patterns. But nowadays, we also see the involvement of gamma frequencies. How does healing occur, and what do gamma waves have to do with it? Judith Pennington addresses these questions in a preview of a Power Point show she prepared for the Energy Psychology Conference being held in Paris May 26-27. These narrated visuals explain her theories on how healing works and trace 15 years of her Mind Mirror research with hands-on healers and self-healers. She shares their stories, methods, and Mind Mirror patterns. This journey into the heart of healing includes not only the brainwave patterns of hands-on energy healers and recipients, but also people who have healed themselves via HemiSync and SAM audio technology at The Monroe Institute. You will also see the brainwave patterns of self-healers attending Dr. Dawson Church's "tapping" seminars in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) at the Omega Institute and the Open Center in New York. Tune in to be inspired and encouraged about your brain's ability to access higher levels of awareness to heal self and others.
In this webinar, we share our stories, and learn about spiritual awakening from the viewpoint of brainwave theory and Awakened Mind practice. Consciousness transformation can be registered and is reflected in the change of your electrical brain activity. Decades of research of awakened people, yogi's, healers, etc., show what it looks like. Tune in – and lift up!
This is an interview about "Meditation, Spirituality and Tools for Human Evolution" with transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy teacher, trainer, author, publisher and film maker, scientist, Vladimir Maykov Ph.D., conducted in April 2020. In this interview we are looking for the answers to the central questions of all spiritual seekers: spirituality, meditation, trauma, healing, transpersonal psychology, human evolution. We are exploring these questions with Vladimir and with the quite famous characters of his documentary "The Dance of Infinity", the fragments of which you will find incorporated in this video.
IAM's historic studies with The Monroe Institute provide us with pioneering data on changes of consciousness in large, simultaneously monitored groups of people within a controlled environment. Tune in to this program to see the remarkable effects of Hemi-Sync binaural beats and SAM (gamma) audio technology on brain balancing, refinement of the Awakened Mind, Evolved Mind, and Gamma Synchrony patterns, and the extension of those patterns all the way up to 100Hz. Sound technology expert Robert Holbrook will explain his delivery of gamma beats through his innovative Spatial Angle Modulation (SAM) technology; TMI's use of brainwave entrainment to conduct people into higher levels of awareness; and his own work with SAM and military veterans with PTSD. Judith Pennington will present Mind Mirror findings in a Power Point show on TMI's June 2017 "Journey to Happiness" program. See how we used the Mind Mirror's data analysis tools to reach our conclusions and how you can use them to track changes in your own states of consciousness.
Over the past few months, Judith has seen some extraordinary brainwave patterns which have significantly expanded the Mind Mirror knowledge base, especially with regard to 100Hz readings. In this program she shares with you people's stories of superconscious awareness and their gamma-infused brainwave patterns. She will also illustrate the use and importance of the Coherence Reports available in the optional Mind Mirror Features Pack. Tune in to see how "high" people are traveling and how they get there.
webinar short version
This is a 30-min summary of the webinar, a logical continuation of our conversation on stress and meditation. We discussed the Practice of Silence as taught by The System of Health Management, developed by the Russian scientist and doctor, Dmitry Shamenkov. This is one of the key practices within this scientifically based system, teaching about the basic principles of life (laws of nature or God's laws) derived from physiology of living systems and complemented with modern studies of neuro-, bio- and socio- sciences as well as physics and information technologies. Knowing these principles will provide you with a set of keys not only for a successful meditative practice of silence but also to a healthy, productive and self-actualizing life for yourself, your close ones and your clients.
Anna Wise was a brilliant meditation author and guide. Like Max Cade, she understood that nothing evolves brainwaves and consciousness like transmitting the energy of love, caring, and compassion to self and others. Today's neuroscientists and holistic physicians agree, as do all healers and the most ancient spiritual traditions. Judith discusses the scientific background and the brainwave changes involved, and then share an exciting new study she authored with best-selling author and EFT/EcoMeditation guru Dawson Church, which Mind Mirror research has just been published in the Energy Psychology Journal. The best convincer, of course, is direct personal experience, so tune in to this program, close your eyes, and feel the power of group energy healing while Judith guides you through Anna's 30-minute meditation.
In this webinar, Awakened Mind Practitioner Oxana Bondarchuk shares her insights and observations from the Brainwaves Training for Mediums that she conducted for Wallacia Development Centre in Sydney. By mediums here, we imply not only the ones who talk to the spirits of the dead but anyone with a hypersensitive ability to read, heal, channel, psychically move objects with what they claim to be help from the other side. It will be of interest to everyone who is interested in developing intuition and pushing the limits of the human norm.
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