Oxana Bondarchuk
Byron Hinterland, NSW, AUSTRALIA / Moscow, RUSSIA
* Certified Awakened Mind Practitioner
* Institute for the Awakened Mind (IAM) Online Events Moderator
* BA in Finance and International Marketing
* Gr. Diploma in Psychology, Teacher of Psychology
* Dipl. in Transpersonal Psychology
* Ex Corporate Marketing Executive and Business Trainer
About Me
Since being a little girl I liked to observe this world and learn how things work. I found Human psyche the most fascinating thing of all, as all that we think, feel, do, and are aware of, is possible due to something, we call mind. All our life experiences, happening from the first site - externally, eventually reside and are registered in our mind… This greater soul machine, the operator of our consciousness…

I came to the conclusion, that whatever occupation or activity you choose, whatever you decide to get involved in, the success of how well you do, will always depend on how well you are able to manage your psyche…

As it will be in charge of how motivated and inspired you are…
As it will affect all your communications and relationships…
As it will also affect your choices and decision-making...
As it will be the one delivering life-significant messages from your soul…
As it will define your behaviour in general…

That's when I realised that mastering your psyche must be the central, the key to everything… At that time, I wished I had magic powers to know exactly what I need to know and how to act best and what decisions to make in every particular life situation. And finally, I got there, got the access to these magic powers, when I come across awakened mind work!

In 2003, being a student of Psychology and actively exploring every direction the Psychology has to offer, amongst regular classes on Psychoanalysis, the courses on NLP and Hypnosis, I attended one of the many Transpersonal Psychology workshops in Moscow. This is where I first learned about the pioneering work of another Humanistic Psychologist and Researcher, Anna Wise, that used modern technologies of EEG to measure different state of consciousness and with the help of biofeedback meditation master our minds. This work became the subject of my final thesis, called 'Consciousness Transformation', the topic which became epical to my life. It was appealing to what I consider to be the main source of individual growth, the purpose for one's soul evolution. Whatever you'd like to change in your physical world will never happen without deep inner work, without shift in your consciousness.

So, here I am now. Holding degree in Psychology/Teacher of Psychology and Diploma in Transpersonal psychology, which takes you beyond materialistic paradigm to the very depth of subconsciousness, to the very heights of your spirituality. Possessing the latest modification of the Mind Mirror… Connected to todays Awakened Mind Practitioners network… Practicing and teaching how to master and shift one's consciousness.

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Bio At A Glance
1976 Born in Moscow, Russia

1993 Graduated from Moscow Secondary School with intensive English language course

1998 Finished double-degree diploma at Russian Economic Academy named after Plekhanov with Diploma in Economics and International Business School - Hanzehogeschool, Hogeschool van Groningen with Diploma in International Marketing

1997-2003 Worked at Coca-Cola Bottling Plant, then Coca-Cola Representation Office in Moscow, Russia: Marketing Assistant, Information Analyst, Budget Planner, Brand Manager

2004 Graduated from Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis with Diploma in Psychology/ Teacher of Psychology

2004 Graduated from Moscow State University of Technology and Management with Diploma in Transpersonal Psychology

2004-2005 Worked at Group SEB (Tefal Representation Office in Moscow, Russia): Business Trainer/ PR Associate

2005-2008 Worked at Golder Electronics (Vitek): Trade Marketing Manager, Country Marketing Manager for the Ukraine

2008-2010 Worked at Holcim Russia: Brand Manager, Marketing Manager

2010 Permanent Resident of Australia (Skilled Independent Professional Migration visa)

2011-2014 The Template Group Ambassador & Admin

2014-2017 EEG Awakened Mind Practitioner's Training at Awakened Mind Institute

2015 – Awakened Mind Practitioner, Moderator of the Awakened Mind Institute online events
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