Private Awakened Mind Sessions
with Oxana Bondarchuk
Private session is a great way to enhance your meditation practice and connect with your subconscious soul for self-discovery, healing or transformation, according to your needs.

You can choose original Awakaned Mind Program or one of our specialty programs or create a mix of any topics relevant to you: stress and relaxation, hemispheric balancing, high performance mind, personal transformation, creativity, intuition and psyche abilities development, healing yourself and others. Don't miss our 'blitz' packages: brain check, programs for beginning and advanced meditators as well as research for healers/psychic readers and all kinds of energy workers.
How do private sessions work
Reserve 2.5 hours
Sessions usually take around 2.5 hours. First or only session may take 3 hours. For better results best time for a session is early morning or when you feel fresh and well-rested. Make sure you come to the session after enough sleep, and no stimulants that potentially can affect your normal brainwaves.
Set clear your goals
During the training I will always ask about your primary goals and target each session to your needs.
Learn about brainwave categories and patterns
You will be introduced to the basic theory to understand the nature of work and to be able to read the feedback data.
Experience EEG Meditation
You will be hooked-up with a 5 electrodes EEG, that will be located on your head. The electrodes will do the reading only, they do not transmit any data back (this is a safe non-invasive technology). All feedback is provided in a visual and data form to the software via Bluetooth. Some sessions require other biofeedback appliances used (GSR, BVP, temperature meter): these sensors are attached to the tips of your fingers. Also for collection of data only.

We will do various exercises and meditations with or without hook-up that are aimed to help you achieve the desired result.
You will be provided with a feedback on how you perform and get recommendations, sometimes including home tasks to speed your progress. Some sessions imply a written email report (see programs description).
Come back or enjoy the results
The number of sessions may vary, depending on your individual readiness and progress.
Though the technology facilitates the training and access to desirable states, your inner work and experiences are the key to success of the training. It is you working on unfolding your highest human potential, since the sessions not only optimize your brain function to make it more efficient but they also tend to make you kinder, more sensitive, more conscious and awaken you spiritually.
The Mind Mirror 6 is a research-grade, FDA-exempt neurofeedback/biofeedback device that helps people guide themselves into an optimal meditation state and a variety of higher-state brainwave patterns. It is not intended to cure ill health or any type of pathology. Please consult a qualified physician regarding medical matters. People who are subject to the following conditions should undertake deep meditation only with permission from a medical doctor or psychotherapist:
  • epilepsy
  • heart attack or stroke
  • brain injury
  • mental disability
  • substance addiction
  • psychosis, depression, trauma or dissociation
  • pregnancy
Book more sessions and save!
1 Session
$150 per session
2 Sessions
$125 per session
3 Sessions
$120 per session
5+ Sessions
$100 per session
Private Sessions Schedule
Anywhere, any day in Byron Bay Area, NSW
Daily Sessions
09:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
12:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
03:00 p.m. - 05:30 p.m.
6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
original PROGRAM
Individual Awakened Mind
Max Cade and his successor, humanistic psychologist Anna Wise, taught more than 10,000 people to attain this high-performance pattern. Let's build these numbers and:
- Deepen into a profound meditation state
- Sharpen your thinking
- Increase feelings of inner peace, unity and well-being
- Retrieve insights into personal or work challenges
- Unblock and clear repressed issues to release suppressed creativity
- Awaken and expand your consciousness
- Self-actualize in life work that meets your needs and goals
- Connect with your spirit for universal peace and guidance

How long it takes to awaken depends on where you are to begin with and your commitment to meditation and the path of self-mastery and conscious evolution. We recommend to start with 5 sessions.

Total cost: $500 (@5 sessions)
'Blitz' Brain Diagnostics
How efficient is your brain? Is your brain balanced? How can you optimize your brain capacity? How can you better manage your mind states? What are your individual keys (landmarks) to high performance states?
During this program your brain is scanned to diagnose the current state provide recommendations on how to optimize your brain functioning. You will also learn the basics of the brainwave theory and how to understand the Mind Mirror readings. The "highlight" of this program, you will get individually-tailored "quick-access-keys" (landmarks) to your optimal state.

Please schedule for 2 hook-up sessions or 1 sesson + report.

Total cost: $250 (@2 sessions or 1+report )
This program incorporates various techniques to help you handle anxiety and stress. We start with identifying the major stressors in your life and continue with working on them on the body, mind and spiritual levels. We will identify your resonance frequency breathing to optimize your nervous system activity. We will learn to deeply relax your body and mind, connect with the higher powers, as well as "anchor" new healing and resourceful states, so that you can always find your way back.

This program implies 5 hook-up sessions work.

Total cost: $500 (@5 sessions)
High Performance Mind
This program is great for students and managers, any kind of achievers, who need to be able to quickly bring their "brain in order" to pass an exam, participate in a contest, deliver a presentation or quickly make the right decision.
You will learn and try simple but effective techniques to "warm up" your brain, so that you can do it on your own when necessary. We will also sort out the exercises and keys that work best for you.

This can be limited to one introductory session but for better and lasting results as well as to track your progress, we recommend 2-3 hook-up sessions.

Total cost: $250 (@2 sessions), $360 (@3 sessions)
NeuroDynamic Feedback (tba)
NeuroDynamic Feedback provides an automated neurofeedback session that is designed to reduce a
clients "stress response", balance out slow and fast brain activity, train people to maintain a healthy
balance across all relevant brain frequencies and, most importantly, keep the bridge between the
conscious and unconscious mind as open as possible.

The NeuroDynamic Feedback session is in three parts: a pre-session assessment – or baseline; the
neurofeedback session itself and a post-session assessment.

The NeuroDynamic Feedback product contains six programs that are designed to work together to
produce a relaxed, calm and focused attitude.

Total cost: $375 (@5 sessions), $500 (@10 sessions)
Beginners Meditator's Package
What is meditation about? Where to start meditation practice? Keys to successful meditation practice. If you hear about it but never really known where to start or you started but not sure that you are doing it right, you are welcome to this beginner's program. You will learn about what is going on with your mind, how to improve your meditation practice, step-by-step we will take you deeper in your meditative experience. You will also learn about how to interpret and deal with the subconscious material that may come up during your meditation.

This program implies 5 hook-up sessions work.

Total cost: $500 (@sessions)
Advanced Meditator's Package
How deep is your meditation? How can you optimize your meditation practice? If you are not new to meditation, you might still be wondering if you are doing it right? If you are getting deeper? Or just wondering to learn more about how meditation relates to your brainwaves? Or how far your brainwave pattern is from that of Zen monks?

This program implies 2-3 hook-up sessions work.

Total cost: $250 (@2 sessions), $360 (@3 sessions)
Hemispheric Balancing
This program will work best for those who have problems with either concentration, reading, writing or have problems with their creative emotional side. If you experience any kind of disbalance in your body, it is very likely you have "skewed" brain to either side. Balanced mind is a key to its optimal functioning, to awakening and higher states. This is great for both children and/or adults since it has proven to help concentration, studying as well as performing any type of creative activity.
This can be limited to one introductory session but for better and lasting results, we recommend 2-3 hook-up sessions.

Total cost: $250 (@2 sessions), $360 (@3 sessions)
Opening Creative Flow
Do you feel stuck, but you desperately need the solution? The phrase "Be creative right now!" sounds impossible to you? You will learn about the nature and pre-requisites of creativity. We will scan your brain and identify the blocks for your creativity, learning and testing the techniques that will help it to blossom. By the end of the program you will "anchor" creative states and take away the tools to access them.

This can be limited to 3 sessions but for better and lasting results as well as to track your progress, we recommend 5 sessions.

Total cost: $500 (@5 sessions)
Removing the Blocks
This program is good if you have a single or a few issues that you need to deal with. We will identify the nature and gravity of your blocks and work together on your overcoming them. This program may help you deal with negative past experiences as well as help you to foresee your bigger and better self.

This can be limited to one introductory session but for better and lasting results as well as to track your progress, we recommend 2-3 sessions. Knowing the basics of Antistress and Meditation (with us or on your own) as a pre-requisite is highly desirable.

Total cost: $250 (@2 sessions), $360 (@3 sessions)
Awaken Your Intuition
This program is developed for those who would like to get more in touch with their inner wisdom and develop psychic abilities. Yes, there is a science behind ESP and you will learn it as well as test yourself the techniques to remove the blocks and hear your intuition.

This program implies 5 sessions work, though can be limited to 2-3 sessions for advanced meditators.

Total cost: $250 (@2 sessions), $360 (@3 sessions)
$500 (@5 sessions)
The Keys to Self-Healing
During this program we learn about the basics of self-healing. You are guided to rediscover and apply your own healing abilities to access bigger, better, healthier you. We may also cover the energy building for healing others.

This program implies 5 sessions work, though can be limited to 2-3 sessions for advanced meditators.

Total cost: $250 (@2 sessions), $360 (@3 sessions)
$500 (@5 sessions)
Preparation for Pregnancy, Childbirth and Maternity (tba)
In this program, I invite you to a sacred journey of clearing your past, connect with your unborn child before birth and create the future that you want. We will work on your awareness, energy, attention, anchor the mind states that will help you to deeply connect and truly Be with and for the coming soul. Since this is an endless topic and practice that may take the whole lifetime, we will cover some of the very vital aspects.

This program duration is 7 sessions. The numbers of sessions can be adapted to individual needs. Previous meditation or energy work experience is an advantage.

Total cost: $700 (@7 sessions)

SPECIALTY private research
Research for Healers/Psyche Readers/Mediums/ Energy Workers
This program is aimed to help healers, energy workers, all kind of alternative practitioners to better understand their work. Since brainwaves reflect the energy of the whole field, they are great to observe what is going on with your energy field when you meditate, what happens to the healer and healee or during energy work. It is also great to observe collective consciousness interaction. I am offering research program for those who would like to know how their brain operates or reacts to various stimuli.

This program can be a 'blitz' one hook-up session but for a better and more representative results we recommend more (3-5 or the more the better) hook-up sessions. The session is followed by an email report, so that you can revise your learnings and findings.

Total cost: minimum $250 (@2 sessions or 1+report ); $360(@3 sessions); $500(@5 sessions)
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